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Our T-Slot covers are designed to save you time!  T-Slot tables have been a staple for years, with almost every machine built today utilizing them.  While being extremely versatile, T-Slots trap chips within and decrease productivity.

Made from the high temperature silicone, the Chip Guard is extremely durable, cost effective, and look great!  Operator morale will improve as chips can be washed away with ease.

Installation-No special tools are needed to install, simply trim to length with a utility knife or scissors.  Pinch the flexible legs and press straight down into the t-slot.  We prefer to press the Chip Guard until it is flush with the t-slots chamfer.  The compressed silicone will retain itself for a very secure hold.

-Patent Pending-

Care should be taken to prevent corrosion when installing the Chip Guard for extended periods of time.  Applying a rust inhibitor to the T-Slot beforehand is recommended, along with periodic removal and cleaning.

The Chip Guard is measured at the top of the t-slot, select the opening width that matches your table. If the opening of your t-slot matches one of our available sizes, it should fit.

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