Octane Tap Follower

For personal use only, not for resale.

You can download the files here, this is a Heavy Duty 5.750" long Tap Follower.  Hold the .500" shank portion or the .750" body.  The rear has a center point as well to align the follower if a chuck is not available.  The files were too large to upload as one compressed folder.

Octane Tap Follower Images and Solid Models

Tap Follower .STEP File


I was working on a concept Combination Tap Follower/Tap Holder as well.  The tip would be interchangeable and allow a tap to be driven using the handle or the hex portion.  This would definitely be a fun design and machining challenge.  

I may work on this design in the future, for now it would be very cool to see someone run with the idea.  The handle is retained with a Ball-Nose Spring Plunger Mcmaster-Carr #5901A33
You can download the files here.