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The T-Slot Covers from Octane Workholding have been a game changer for our showroom. Keeping the demo machines clean and ready to run is much easier since we added them.

Dan Robles-Champions Machine Tool Sales

We cant say enough great things about the T-Slot Covers from Octane Workholding. While machines come and go from our showroom, the Octane Chip Guard stays with us!

Luke Kohler-Crotts and Saunders

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The octane Chip Guard


The amount of time the average shop spends dealing with chips can be staggering. With our guards installed, cleanup takes a fraction of the time. Whether you run production, or small batches, our T-Slot Covers will begin saving you money the first day they are installed. Overall chip management is improved as the coolant can cascade over the edges of the table flushing the entire interior. Add a washdown cycle in combination with our guards for a machine that cleans itself.

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Our T-Slot Covers are extremely durable. Formulated from high temperature silicone, they can withstand the harsh environment inside your machines. Hot chips and oily metal grit are no problem, they are easily washed and can withstand direct heat from a torch without melting. We routinely dry machine with red hot chips, rest assured, the Chip Guard can handle anything you throw at it. Satisfaction Guaranteed

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