$ Conservative Savings Estimate

Using the popular Haas VF-2 as an example, here's how much could be save with our T-Slot Covers installed. In this example, we use 250 working days per year with a hourly shop rate of $90 / hour. Conservatively, our covers can save 15 minutes per day on average. Shops with multiple machines or longer tables can save a staggering amount.


With Octane T-Slot Covers

Doing Nothing

Machine Savings Comparison

Haas VF-2

Haas VF-2




Time Savings

15 Minutes / Day

62 Hours Yearly

Loss of 62 Hours Yearly

Return on Investment

$5,580.00 Per Year/ Per Machine

Net Loss

Octane Chip Guard

The perfect fit for every machine - From Manual Mills to 5-Axis CNC

T-Slot Covers by Octane Workholding

Improve Operator Safety

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T-Slot Covers by Octane Workholding


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Trapped chips can lead to an injury as compressed air is often used during the cleaning process. Even with safety glasses, chips are always a threat to our eyes.


The amount of time the average shop spends dealing with chips can be staggering. With our guards installed, cleanup takes a fraction of the time. Whether you run production, or small batches, our T-Slot Covers will begin saving you money the first day they are installed.

What our customers are saying

T-Slot Covers by Octane Workholding

Pablo Casiano Writes

"I notice the small things most don’t think about. Picking chips out the T-Slot after a job is annoying! Especially long running jobs. Blowing a part off and having chips fly at your face is also annoying. This product, as simple as it looks, saves me time, saves my company money and keeps our machines looking clean. This is a must have!"

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