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T-Slot Covers

Specially formulated high temperature Silicone.

No, we designed the t-slot covers for our machine shop and its extremely demanding conditions. We routinely dry machine various steels with hot chips and did extensive testing before releasing them for public use. All of our products are used in house daily.

No, our t-slot covers wipe clean easily. Silicone does not absorb oils or contaminates. We use WD-40 to wipe down the Chip Guard inside the machine if needed, or soap and water outside of the machine.

No, the Silicone is self healing and takes deliberate force with a sharp object to puncture.

Yes, that is one of the best features of the Chip Guard no special tools are needed. Simply measure the length you need and trim with a utility knife. The Chip Guard is flexible, which allows it to be tailored to suit your needs. Installation under, around, or even through some obstacles is possible.

Speaking from our own experience, it is rare for us to utilize every t-slot. Oftentimes, only a portion of the covers need be removed for a setup. Being flexible, we often simply move the silicone to the side temporarily for a quick setup. That is one of the greatest strengths of the Chip Guard, it is flexible to meet your needs.