Edge Finders and Positioning Indicators

Whether you are working with manual or CNC equipment, having an accurate way of locating the workpiece is essential.

SKU: 313-0036

FISHER MACHINE MODEL AB 1/2" AUDIBLE SINGLE END EDGE FINDER - The mechanical edge finder gives an audible clicking sound when the tip jumps.

SKU: 827A

STARRETT 3/8" X 0.200" SINGLE END EDGE FINDER - The tried and proven model.

SKU: 827B

STARRETT 1/2" X 0.200" DOUBLE END EDGE FINDER - This versatile edge finder includes a pointed end which can be used to center keyways, small diamaters, and more.

SKU: 303-3227

HAIMER UNIVERSAL 3D TESTER ALIGNMENT & POSITIONING INDICATOR - The Haimer is very popular among manual and CNC Machinists alike. Tram vises, find the center of your bore, find your edge.

Squares and Rules

Having quality tools for layout and setup is essential.

SKU: 212-0160

STOP-LOC 1134 ORIGINAL LATHE AND MILL VISE WORK STOP - We use this versatile stop for setting parts in a lathe.

SKU: MIT-182-101

6" 182-101 Steel Wide Rigid Rule – 6″ (4R)

SKU: MIT-182-121

12" 182-121 Steel Wide Rigid Rule – 12″ (4R)

SKU: MIT-182-161

24" 181-161 Steel Wide Rigid Rule – 24″ (4R)

SKU: 434-18-16R

18" Combination Set with Square, Center and Reversible Protractor Head and Blade - If you do any kind of layout, this set of squares is amazing.

SKU: 7000-S4

2″ 3″ 4″ 6″ Workshop Solid Square Set (7000-S4) Having a set of solid squares is handy for a lot of jobs around the shop. PEC tools are decent quality for the price.

SKU: 5170

6″ Rectangle Protractor (5170) - We have protractors in every toolbox, being able to quickly check a rough angle is essential.

SKU: 7105-166

6″ 16R Double Square (7105-166) - We use these squares daily, they re great for layout and tool setting.